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Linerless Coating Line – For efficient top-quality linerless production

Maan Engineering’s Linerless Coating Line is developed to provide paper or film with a silicone and hotmelt coating in one passage in a fast, high-quality and efficient manner. The Coating Line, the result of 40 years of knowledge and experience in the field of silicone and hotmelt coating, allows for easy production of (linerless) label material. It is designed to be used as an upgrade of an existing machine, but thanks to the addition of unwind and rewind stations it can also be deployed as a stand-alone system. The strength of the Linerless Coating Line lies in its functional design, as well as the flexibility and quality of the silicone and hotmelt coating.

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Inlinerless Module; linerless labels
Controlled by one control panel
All components of the Linerless Coating Line and the connected glueing equipment are controlled with one control panel. This panel is mounted on a rail that is easily repositioned, so that the machine can be controlled from any position. This control panel also performs live monitoring of the values of the various measurements. The system is based on Lenze software, and has a visual, efficient and user-friendly interface.
Inlinerless Module; linerless labelsInlinerless Module; linerless labels
Web tension measurement, web control and pre-treatment
When the label material has been fed into the module it passes through the Infeed Station, which controls the web for all the subsequent process steps. This is also where the web tension is measured and controlled, and where corona pre-treatment takes place. This improves the adhesion of the coating(s) to the substrate. The corona pre-treatment system is optional in the Linerless Coating Line.
Inlinerless Module; linerless labels
Silicone coating with inert curing
The Silicone Coating Station is where the label material is coated with a thin release coating. The silicone coating can be applied full-face or in zones, using a 3-roller system. The optional 5-roller system is available for a lower coating weight. After the silicone coating has been applied it is instantly cured by means of UV in an inert chamber with a controlled oxygen content. This results in extremely rapid curing, which is essential for high-quality linerless labels.
Inlinerless Module; linerless labels
Hotmelt with the high-precision DieRect Roller Coating Nozzle
The pressure-sensitive adhesive coating layer is applied using the DieRect Roller Coating Nozzle. This nozzle uses a roller for the precise and direct transfer of the adhesive coating to the label material. Control by three individual pumps allows for accurate setting and adjusting of the coating weight over the width of the substrate. The coating can be applied full-face or in zones. The Module can be equipped with a Slot Nozzle for the application of other coating patterns.
Inlinerless Module; linerless labels
Layer thickness measurement of hotmelt coating
The homogeneity and the thickness of the hotmelt coating layer are essential to the production process of high-quality linerless labels. For this reason the Linerless Coating Line is equipped with an optional coating thickness measurement system. This system measures the weight of the hotmelt coating layer during production and provides a non-stop coating weight distribution model.

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