Working towards the dream

Maan Group comprises the companies of Maan R&D, Maan Engineering, Maan Special Products and M-cube Hotmelt Solutions. The unique collaboration between these four companies is what makes the Group so strong. Maan Group operates in the present day, but with sights set on the future. In that future, Maan Group wishes to continue to contribute to clients’ success. That view of the future, the vision of Maan Group, is described below.

”Maan Group aims to bond any compound of materials using sustainable and durable glueing and surface-treatment technologies.”

This vision or dream is upheld by the four divisions of Maan Group and is targeted every day. In order to contribute to clients’ success, the divisions are faced with the following task:




Glueing Machinery


Special Products_liggend

“Maan Research & Development provides practical solutions to adhesion issues that test or even exceed the limits of what is technically possible.”


“Using its proven technology and innovative spirit, Maan Engineering creates solutions for successful and secure compound bonds.”


“Maan Special Products fabricates high-precision products using unique surface-treatment and glueing technology that tests or even exceeds the limits of what is technically possible.”












It simply says: We are looking for challenging bonding issues. We are ready to solve them together with you.

Can you challenge us?