From carpet tile to innovator…

Maan Group – Developed and driven by passion for bonding

The Raalte based Maan Group was established in 1996 by André and Mariet Jansen. The first two letters of their first name can be found in the Maan company name. After spending the initial four years in Broekland, the Maan company moved to Raalte in 2001, where it is nowadays housed in three buildings at the Zegge industrial estate. Right from the start, the bonding of materials using glueing and surface-treatment technologies has been the passion of André Jansen and Maan Group.

Carpet tiles from Broekland
It all started in Broekland in 1996. André Jansen, who had always been involved in the world of adhesives, was ready for a new challenge and decided to start his own company. His earnings model? Contracted adhesion. Otherwise known as LoonCoaten in Dutch. He took the letters LC, added the first letters of his wife Mariet’s name and those of his own name, and so the LC Maan name was born. André soon gained his first client. In his farm barn, he applied a Hotmelt to carpet tiles, followed by a cover sheet, using a machine developed by himself. The result was a self-adhesive carpet tile.

Growing in Raalte
André supplied good products and his clientele therefore soon developed. The farmyard could no longer accommodate the trucks, prompting him to move the LC Maan company to Raalte. This was a central and easily accessible location in Overijssel. Together with his first employees, André built up a standard range of glueing equipment. He continued to uphold the company name at all times. Contracted adhesion.

Valuable production
In 2000, André met a representative of a Dutch company with an international sales market, during a trade show. The company was struggling with bonding issues and André decided to take up the challenge. After solving the problem, he and his personnel produced the machines required to convert the solution into a quality product. The client requested that he also manufacture the product. A second building was opened in 2006 opposite the original building, due to production needing to take place in cleanrooms. Four cleanrooms were built in building 1, where the newly founded Maan Special Products manufactured quality products. In the new building, LC Maan Engineering continued to develop a quality basic range of glueing equipment.

Growth requires choices
More and more companies began to find their way to LC Maan, and demand for tailor-made glueing machines and quality production increased. In the shade of Maan Special Products, a small research centre for bonding technology was formed in order to effectively meet the diverse branding issues and to assist in the development of internal product innovations and process improvements. The know-how in terms of glueing and surface treatment became a force to be reckoned with.

Customisation and know-how
By 2010, the LC Maan organisation became aware that their in-house know-how could not only be deployed for internal projects but that this expertise can also be the key to solving external bonding issues. The former research centre became an independent company: Maan Research & Development, the knowledge centre within Maan Group. From that time on, Maan Group was the connecting element between the Maan Research & Development, Maan Engineering and Maan Special Products companies. The LC addition to the name became history.

Challenging future!
The basis has been laid for a strong and distinctive organisation. Maan Group is now focused on solving bonding issues for clients, day in day out. Maan R&D provides the expertise and the solution. Maan Engineering translates this solution into a working machine. And Maan Special Products manufactures the quality products. Thus Maan Group can produce all material bonds, using glueing and surface-treatment technologies, in a sustainable manner.

How about you? Would you like to become part of the history of  Maan Group? Why not surprise us with a challenging bonding issue? We’re looking forward to it.